Prime Minister Prayer in front of Takht Sri Patna Sahib, Spectacular Decoration on 350th Prakash Parv

Bihar looks like Punjab, Guru Gobind Singh Anniversary Celebration Prakash Parv 2017 are in full sing with prime ministerial visit. Here top pics showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Two Poses offering prayer to Takht Sri Patna Sahib in golden decoration with flowers and light.

National Touch Rugby Competition from Dec 27 to Dec 29, 2016 in Raipur Sapre Ground

Chhattisgarh Touch Rugby Association is chaired by Harminder Singh Hora and Atul Shukla is General Secretary.

International player Tarter has come to attend the match.

Board Members of Federation of International Touch consists of -

President    Erick Acker
Secretary General    William Ker
Finance Director    Aaron Jones
Sports Development Director    Peter Topp
Promotions & Marketing Director    Alex Tsang

Middle East / South Asia    Chairperson is Tarsem Sharma

Bang Celebration Bangotsav: Five Day Literary Music Culture Bengali Fest in Raipur

The mega culture venue Muktakashi stage is flooding with entusiastic audience n city is enjoying the Bengali Celebration News, such is colorful charm of Bangotsav. Chhattisgarh Bengali Association is Bang Celebration event host. Aruna Bhadra is President and General Secretary Devashish Roy are main office bearer. Popular Event Organizer Mahua Majumdar of Shubham Sanstah is also one of main key player. 

Bangotsav Event Time Date and Venue

December 26 to 30 at 8.00PM Muktakashi Manch near Raj Bhavan