Chief Minister Inaugurates Dialysis @300 Rupees

VY Hospital now offers Ra 300 dialysis facility for needy patients.

International Hindi Poet Sanjeev Thakur

Retired IAS Rising Eminent Author Dr. Sushil Trivedi

The great transition around golden jubilee of life.

Very active Hindi Professor Dr. Susdhir Sharma have global presense

A silent literary persona Dr. Rajendra Mishra, Hindi stalwart

Enjoying the season with movie songs

Film songs forms large volume of singing events in India. Raipur has long list of singers who perform exactly on old melodies.

The singing events based on movie songs are very popular in Raipur.

Raipur's own International Film Festivals

Film festivals in Raipur are now an established trend

The selection process in SAI Raipur

Selection trials are conducted to provide admissions in SAI Center operating on Raipur.

Hailstone compensation amount fixed

The descrepancy found in hailstone compensation is now fixed by government and the balance difference is ordered to pay in two days time.

Collector Raipur District Motivating Mega Rally on Earth Day

O.P. Chaoudhary, IAS currently holding Raipur district collector responsibility called meeting for earth day 2016 rally.