Let's traverse Raipur District Boundary

Raipur, the Indian district in Chhattisgarh has current shape after mant carvings over time.

The boundary of Raipur district passes around Kumhari, Kirari, Mura, Otgan, Kesda, Bhainsa, Sarfonga,Kathiya, Tilda Bandha, Guma, Amera, Chharkapur, Dhaurabhanta, Lachchanpur and touches Mahanadi river at Datan and continues to Sukha river junction.

Home Minister Meeting on Security Issues

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh come to Raipur to review security issues

Second Convocation in Journalism and Mass Communication University

Central Minister Rajnanth Singh is chief guest in the 2nd convocation event of Kushabhau Thakre University of Jornalism and Mass Communication being conducted today on April 16, 2016 in Kathadih.

The journalism degree awareded to the students in presense of Vice Chancelor Dr. M. S. Parmar and eminent personalities

Minister Ajay Chandrakar in Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Auditorium Dalli Rajhara

Dr. Ambedkar Anniversary event at Dalli Rajhara was attended by Minister Ajay Chandrakar, Panchayat and Rural Development, Legislative Affairs and Health and Family Welfare, Medical Education Departments on April 14, 2016 where huge crowd was present.

The event venue was Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Auditorium Dalli Rajhara where Min Ajay Chandrakar offered garland to Dr. Ambedkar statue.

Art Summer Camp for serious concerns

Summer holidays are usual in education field and you start thinking about utilizing the summer vacation creatively even if you are student.

How to choose perfect summer camp subject? Art can be very good answer and if you are intested in acquring artistic skill, summer time is most appropriate.

You have leisure time, like retired persons or house wives do have and thinking of acquring artistic skill for serious career then your concerns have answer. Starting in a summer camp with kids and youth can be excellent break to be an aspiring artist.

Dr J Rai Choudhary @Balaji Super Specialist Hospital Free Medical Camp

Public welfare wing of Shree Balaji Super Speciality Hospital Raipur is providing one day free medical camp facility now.

Free of cost orthopedic is led under specialist orthopedic surgeon Dr J Rai Choudhary.

Patients are given free medical checkup for orthopedic problems of knee joint, waist and any other parts of body. Any one suffering with  orthopedic pain can get free check at the Balaji Super Speciality Hospital Raipur camp.

Free medical camp date: April 15, 2016

Venue: Shree Balaji Super Speciality Hospital Raipur Campus

The top summer camp destinations of 2016

Vacations during hot sun period are traditionally time to enahnce exctra curricular talent in summer camps.

All age groups try to join a good summer camp but the subject and destination is big question to sirted out.

Raipur summer camps contain almost all categories under sky.

You are invited to join RaipurNews.com for summer camp online existence.

Complete overview of Ram's Ninth

Lord Ram's Anniversary April 15, 2016 is celebrated in hot summer in India and in whatever waether around world. What is the shape of Ramnavami festival across continents?

Raipur Ram Temples are fully decorated with unique style of whole year to celebrate the birth of Lord Ram.

Lord Ram's Anniversary is known as the Ram's Ninth i.e. Ram Navami, being the nith day of Hindi calender of Chaitra month.

Processions are very common on  the Ram's Ninth.

How many HIV AIDS Fatality?

How many HIV AIDS Deaths occure? In general AIDS is common terminology, there are routine events, campaign and combating measures.

Any one care how many fatalities are credited to AIDS?

India has National AIDS Control Organisation, NACS and Chhattisgarh has CG State Aids Control Society or CGSACS fighting and regulating one of the most horrifying illness.

Jawara Immersion Processions around water bodies at the end of Navratri

Raipur roads are blocked with Jawara Immersion processions with DJ music and mother goddess devotees with devotion beating extreme craziness indicating the conclusion of Navratri 2016.

Women carrying Jawara on there heads and moving in queues are given wather clean path very ceremoniously by volunteers who followed Navratri rituals.

Jawara system is a tradition seen all over world in varied formats.