Prime Minister in Ribbon-cutting ceremony at Dhola Sadiya Bridge

Moud India is reviewing Progress in Chhattisgarh

Today's Guest Minister Venkaiah Naidu of Urban Development

VIP guest Minister Venkaiah Naidu welcomed by chief minister and discussion on urban development topics going on.

Wife Kobita Ramdanee-Jugnauth and Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth arrives India

India Mauritius are always in good tune and the mutual cooperation is very important for both nation. Hindi loving Mauritius is considered another India in ocean by Indians due to historic bonding.

PM Jugnauth visit is sure to define new equations beneficial for India Mauritius relation.

Chilfi Rengakhar Salhewara 60KM Road, 205 Crore Cost, 10 Underpass for Forest Animals and Many more Foundation Ceremony

Dreams of forest regions fulfilled: Dr. Raman Singh : Roads worth Rs 204 crore to be laid from 'Chilfi-Rengakhar-Salhewara', Electric sub-station at Jhalmala      

Dr. Raman Singh, MP Abhishek Singh on Development Tour in Rural Chhattisgarh

Chief Minister performs 'bhoomipujan' , dedicates works worth Rs 305.24 crore at Bahmani Chaarbanta

Endless progress in last 13 years, Chhuria High School building to be renovated, Kanchi House to be  built at Kallubanjari

Minister Manoj Sinha Press Conference on Communication Milestones

India is now officially celebrating Three Years of NDA Government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi era. Post and Communication Minister has now come out with brochure, list of achievements and milestones of last three years of Modi governance.

New Delhi May 25, 2017 - Minister Manoj Sinha is seen addressing New Delhi press conference on the achievements of the Ministry of Communications during 3 years of NDA Government. The State Minister Manoj Sinha an IIT-BHU Civil Engineer has Independent Charge for Communications and Railways