Dr J Rai Choudhary @Balaji Super Specialist Hospital Free Medical Camp

Public welfare wing of Shree Balaji Super Speciality Hospital Raipur is providing one day free medical camp facility now.

Free of cost orthopedic is led under specialist orthopedic surgeon Dr J Rai Choudhary.

Patients are given free medical checkup for orthopedic problems of knee joint, waist and any other parts of body. Any one suffering with  orthopedic pain can get free check at the Balaji Super Speciality Hospital Raipur camp.

Free medical camp date: April 15, 2016

Venue: Shree Balaji Super Speciality Hospital Raipur Campus

The top summer camp destinations of 2016

Vacations during hot sun period are traditionally time to enahnce exctra curricular talent in summer camps.

All age groups try to join a good summer camp but the subject and destination is big question to sirted out.

Raipur summer camps contain almost all categories under sky.

You are invited to join RaipurNews.com for summer camp online existence.

Complete overview of Ram's Ninth

Lord Ram's Anniversary April 15, 2016 is celebrated in hot summer in India and in whatever waether around world. What is the shape of Ramnavami festival across continents?

Raipur Ram Temples are fully decorated with unique style of whole year to celebrate the birth of Lord Ram.

Lord Ram's Anniversary is known as the Ram's Ninth i.e. Ram Navami, being the nith day of Hindi calender of Chaitra month.

Processions are very common on  the Ram's Ninth.

How many HIV AIDS Fatality?

How many HIV AIDS Deaths occure? In general AIDS is common terminology, there are routine events, campaign and combating measures.

Any one care how many fatalities are credited to AIDS?

India has National AIDS Control Organisation, NACS and Chhattisgarh has CG State Aids Control Society or CGSACS fighting and regulating one of the most horrifying illness.

Jawara Immersion Processions around water bodies at the end of Navratri

Raipur roads are blocked with Jawara Immersion processions with DJ music and mother goddess devotees with devotion beating extreme craziness indicating the conclusion of Navratri 2016.

Women carrying Jawara on there heads and moving in queues are given wather clean path very ceremoniously by volunteers who followed Navratri rituals.

Jawara system is a tradition seen all over world in varied formats.

Government Officers Raided by Anti Corruption Bureau

Chhattisgarh Officers were comprehensively raided by ACB, The Anti Corruption Bureau including more than a dozen primises.

The ACB Raid was orchestrated meticulously jointly with EOW, The Economic Offence Wing implementing great amount of official secrecy in morning hours of April 12, 2016 at 12 locations in Chhattisgarh.

The Economic Offences Investigation Bureau and Anti Corruption Bureau is still continuously investigating banks and related offices for wealth created by the officials under raid.

Village Rising is India Rising

Today India rise from Village Rise national campaign has been launched in cadrized manner. At the top Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit the bugle in Mhow the Dr Ambedkar Nagar, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh at Rajnandgaon and others at different places of nation.

The India rise from Village Rise is very ambitious project of Modi government.

Well designed activities and events are planned with motto Village Rising is India Rising.

The development of villages in India is dream long sown. 

Raipur to have 20 Feet Stature at Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Babasaheb Square near Collectorate

The spectacular parliament replica and Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Babasaheb statue, currently of 10 feet height witnessed 125th birth anniversary event at the square just opposite Raipur collectorate.

Chhattisgarh assembly speaker did flral garlanding as tributes on the Babasaheb stature.

Speaker administered oath with all public present to realize the vision of social harmony and egalitarian society.

Two books were released by the speaker at anniversary event.

Shocking Horripilating Serial Chain Snatching

This chain snatching is not common. Every now and then incidents are heard about bikers snatching chain on road.

Three chanin snatching by biker robbers serially done in very short span of time.

Three old women accompanied byrelative or friends fell prey in hands of bike riding chain snatchers. All three gold chains are 25-50 grams in weight. 

Currently police is busy with helmet checking which triggered them fast to seal the all check posts of Raipur city.

The three robbers escaped inspite of police checks

The Bureaucrat Award in Civil Service Day is New Beginning

India government schedule for Bureaucrat Awards on Civil Service Day 2016 is quite innovative and supportive move in administration.

The Bureaucrat Award Event Date: April 21, 2016

Venue of Civil Service Day Event: New Delhi

The prestigious government official award ceremony is considered one of it's kind move in supporting administration in Prime Minister Narendra Modi regime.

The criteria for Bureaucrat Awards are primerily based on public benefit schemes performance.