The first Sawam Somvar worship by Dr. Raman Singh in Bhoramdeo Temple

One of the most auspicious Lord Shiv temple was preferred choice of Chhattisgarh Chief Minister to offer prayers on the very first Sawan Somavar (Monday) of year 2016 along with wife Veena Singh.

Minister Rajesh Munat was also seen in the Bhoramdeo Sawan Worship along with many more dignitaries.

Home Decoration Training conducted by Women Welfare Group

IGM Institute Fafadih was today's hot destination for ladies' to get free opportunity for getting trained in house decorating works, an event held by and Women Welfare Group.

Madhudhara Women Organization Held Spectacular Sawan Festival

Very active versatile women group Madhudhara Mahila Sangathan held colorful Sawan festival celebration in Vrindavan Auditorium on July 25, 2016 starting from 4.30 in evening with large gathering of Sawan savvy women.

Today on the first Monday of Shrawan month "Sawan Festival" is a trend which also spans over the whole month too.

Audition for Lord Agrasen television serial

Youth leader and actor Yogesh Agrawal was in lead for the audition organised in Raipur mall. Around 25 participants selected for different roles for the social and religious TV show.

The selectees have to undergo screen test in Mumbai for final selection in Lord Agrasen TV serial.

National body of Agrawal society named "Akhil Bharatiya Agrawal Sammelan" is producing the TV serial in Hindi. The main aim and object of Lord Agrasen serial is to make aware youth and kids about the Maharaja Agrasen along with good cultured teaching.

Harishchandra played with Theatre brainstorming session in Rangmandir

Elite theatre artists performed in Raja Harishchandra play in Rangmandir auditorium in eveing and theatre intellectual did brainstorming session on their role in theatrical challanges in Sunday morning of July 24, 2016 in presnce of ex-director of National School of Drama and Raipur citizen with taste for dramatics.

Rash bikers fined by Raipur Police, Bikes seized

Civil lines police acted hard on bikers problem in Raipur on Sundat July 24, 2016 with day long operation in posh areas like Telibandha marine drive, Shankar Nagar and Awanti Vihar.

Raipur Police charged rash bikers with fine and the bikes were seized and were aloowed release from court only. The whole operation on bikers problem is some relief for citizens.

City Superintendent of Police, Civil Lines has managed the action on rash bikers breaking rules and causing danger to citizens on road.

Memories from Lok Suraj 2015

2015 Lok Surak Mission a boon to Kabhirdham farmers : Goghra and Kumba irrigation projects will change entire region

Benefits from Prime Minister's Currency Plan

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana : Chief Minister distributes smart vending stalls and cheques of loan amount to two youth

Naming process of New Raipur Roads and Squares

Squares in Naya Raipur to be named with participation of common people : Dr Raman Singh

Paddy research group meeting in Agriculture college Raipur

Develop variety of rice which can be grown in scarce water: Tandon
Raipur, 03 April 2016 - Governor Mr. Balramji Das Tandon today called upon the agriculture scientists to develop  a variety of society which can be grown in scarce water conditions so that the society can safeguard and preserve groundwater resources.

Rice is the staple diet of crores of citizens. He urged the scientists to develop disease-resistant paddy so that millions of citizens can be fed.