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The Online Internet Media, social network website RaipurNews.com is real time live demonstration of new age media thanks to Internet Existence.

The people with unique talent are the base force of only true online media located at Raipur, capital city of Chhattisgarh state of India and supported by online connected samaritans from all over world.

Proponent of Internet Existence theory, Ashok Sharma Internet is the lead person behind real time online media RaipurNews.com meant for people by people of all world.

Update#15092016: On occassion of Engineears Day RaipurNews.com has commenced as the most of power platform for digital promotion of your digital-self.

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Synonym of Hindi Dr. Sudhir Sharma has joined as Literature Bureau which is the great honor me personally too. Take of words HINDI MUST ACHIEVE REGUAR MEANINGS AND HEIGHTS.

Webmedia has another added welcome wish. Dr. Trisha is natural congratulatory partner.

Master Rajveer is already functional as active webmedia for years apart from relationn his contributions are most unique digital addition to the mighty glory of Chhattisgarh. We salute the genelogy of both and allside including his sweet freind and family. Master Rajveer has done aremarkable coverage Raipur Auto Show.