Buddha Day Best Wishes from Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh

The thoughts of Lord Gautam Buddha are still relevant and inspiring as per Dr. Raman Singh congratulatory message issued on the eve of Vesak, Buddha Day. Chief Minister gave blessings to the people on Buddha Purnima.

Raipur 09 May 2017 - Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has said that despite the passage of over two and a half thousand years, ideas of ​​Lord Gautama Buddha for the welfare of world peace and humanity is still relevant and inspiring for and by all.

On the eve of Buddha Purnima, the Chief Minister has expressed his views in the congratulatory message of goodwill released for people today.

According to the historians, the birth of Lord Gautam Buddha and Mahaparinirvana took place on the same day ie Baishakh Purnima also known globally as Vesak.

Buddha day celebration, Buddha Purnima reminds us of his great philosophy of life.

Lord Buddha inspired the world of his time to adopt the best human values ​​like truth, nonviolence, compassion, compassion and benevolence.

Dr. Raman Singh stressed on the eve of Buddha Day said that it is a matter of great fortune for Chhattisgarh that Lord Buddha's ideas have deeply influenced public life for hundreds of thousands of years.

The historic Buddhist monument of Sirpur on the banks of Mahanadi is a live example of Buddha influence in Chhattisgarh. The Chief Minister has invited all the people on Buddha Day to follow the path shown by Lord Gautam Buddha to bring peace, prosperity and prosperity to the nation and the world.