CM Chopper Lands in Sihava Origin of Mahanada

Chief Minister visits the of place Mahanadi river's origin : Tourism facilities to be developed in this area from where Mahanadi originates : Shrighi Rishi Ashram to be illuminated with solar energy

Dr Raman Singh emphasizes on conservation of Mahanadi, Dr Singh inspects more than 100-year-old police station of Sihava

Chief Minister attends redressal camp

Raipur, 7 May 2017 - Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh today paid surprise visit to Sihava, the place of origin of Mahanadi River, under state-wide Lok Suraaj Abhiyaan. He met the head priest of Shrighi Rishi Ashram near Sihava hill Mr. Ishwar Das. Dr Singh inspected this place of River Mahanadi's origin, the river which is life-line for Chhattisgarh and Odisha states.

Dr Singh assured of facilitating development of necessary tourism facility around Sihava and Shrighi Rishi Ashram. He said- Shrighi Rishi Ashram will be illuminated and drinking-water supply will also be facilited there, using solar energy. Plantation work will be done alongside of the riverbank and conservation of this place will be done. Dr Singh said that it is a sacred place. Mahanadi River holds importance not only for Chhattisgarh but for the entire nation. I am fortunate to have got the opportunity of visting the place of Mahanadi River's origin. On the occasion, Chief Minister also inspected the nearly 119-year-old police station of Sihava. This area near Maharshi Shrighi Rishi Ashram was earlier the part of Bastar region. As per the records, at the time of British Rule during first freedom movement in year 1857, this police chowki was opened there, and later in year 1898 this police station was built. It is also noteworthy that the narrow gauage rail line from Raipur to village Kundai of Odisha state via Sihava area was built by British rulers for transportation of sal wood. During second world war, when England fell short of iron, British government had sent iron through this railway line. Ruins of this railway line can be found in Sihava even today.

Chief Minister today at first worshipped Khambeshwari Devi in the premise of historical police station of Sihava. Villagers told him that they begin all their regilious rituals and customs, even the celebration of festivals like Holi and Diwali, by offering salutations to Khambeshwari Devi. As per the localites, this police station is also an evidence of the movement against British rule, which took place in year 1910 in Bastar region under the leadership of Gundadhur. Chief Minister also went through the old records found in the Sihava police station.

In his address to the redressal camp held at Sihava, Dr Singh announced construction of Exit Depot of Forest Department, 500-m long cc-road in Dongripara, and 8-km long road from Mukundpur to Lakhanpur. Dr Raman Singh said that Shrighi Rishi Ashram will be electrified using solar energy. He also assured of expanding facilities in Kadkeshwar Nath Mela. He said to officials of District Administration that the ground leveling work for the forestland right certificate-holding villagers to make the lands allotted suitable for agriculture. In the camp, Dr Singh directed the officials of Revenue Department and Tribal Caste-Scheduled Caste Department to issue domicile, caste and income certificates to school students. Chief Secretary Mr Vivek Dhand and Secretary Subodh Kumar Singh were also present on the occasion.