Demolishing Illegal constructions, plotting, unlawful building and hoarding seizure in All 8 Zones of Municipal Corporation

RMC City Planning Department conducts major drive against illegal buildings, constructions and hoardings in whole of Raipur under directive of Commissioner Rajat Bansal

Raipur 29 July 2017 - Corporation Headquarters Fyling Squad and All 8 move heavily on every Tuesday and Saturday to clear city encroachment and illegal construction against approved map. The nature of actions are removing building parts not constructed as per map approval, additional illegal constructions, illegal plotting, unlawful construction and illegal hoarding removal along with strict seizure of building materials. The whole proceedings requires a massive campaign in all eight zone levels.

The account of combating illegal municipal items are give below for Saturday 29 July 2017 covering complete Raipur area -

Municipal Corporation Zone 7 took removal actions on illegal construction in the Sadar Bazar Ward No. 39 which was third floor in addition to approved map area and illegal business in residential area construction of 5 commercial shops in ground floor. Zone 7 Commissioner Santosh Pandey served three notices to the concerned citizen under the Corporation Act and then today heavy demolish actions were taken using 3D Dumpers, laborers and security guards.

Zone 8 Commissioner Sanjay Sharma acted in Ramnagar Kota main road where commercial constructions in front and back setback destroyed with drill machines which was not in approved map.

Zone 5 Commissioner Hemant Sharma took planned action on illegal plotting in Madhavrao Sapre Ward Satyam Vihar Raipura covering about one acre area and removed illegally made murram road and illegitimate wall around boundaries. In same Raipur area constructions done of approximately 150 square feet and about 1000 square feet in two places illegally possessed.

GE Road Shaheed Smarak Bhawan and Kutchery Chowk area was handled by Zone 4 Commissioner Rakesh Gupta where about a dozen Thele & Gumati (wheel carts) seized from businessmen working illegally clearing the prime location of Raipur.

Large volume of construction material dumped on roads of Zone 6 were seized utilizing 3D Dumpers in lead by Commissioner GS Kshatri.

Illegal construction in Manjhipara Rani Lakshmi Bai Ward No. 23 in Zone 2 was removed by Commissioner RK Dongre.

Zone 1 Commissioner Smt. Krishna Khatik operated around Raipur Bilaspur road who seized brick dumped on road by Maa Bhagwati Traders. 12 road side carts and illegal hoarding were also seized around main road. Illegal construction and encroachments were removed, materials seized in Yatiyatan Lal Ward No. 4 of Zone 1 area.

Raipur city has expanded in big way and so is municipal rule breaking activities which regularly need to be acted on along with spreading public awareness so that quality civic sense restored making capital truly smart city.