Dr. Raman Singh, MP Abhishek Singh on Development Tour in Rural Chhattisgarh

Chief Minister performs 'bhoomipujan' , dedicates works worth Rs 305.24 crore at Bahmani Chaarbanta

Endless progress in last 13 years, Chhuria High School building to be renovated, Kanchi House to be  built at Kallubanjari

Raipur, 25 May 2017 - Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh on Wednesday  said that signs of spectacular development are visible all over the State . During the past 13 years Chhattisgarh made rapid strides in almost all spheres. He was addressing a huge gathering after laying foundation stones and performing 'Bhoomipujan' of various projects of the Chhattisgarh Road Development Corporation Limited and Public Works Department at village Bamhani development block Chhuria in district Rajnandgaon. Public Works Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat, MP Mr. Abhishekh Singh, Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Raju Singh , MLA Mr. Bholaram Sahu, former MLA Mr. Rajinder Pal Singh Bhatia were also present.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that the dreams of several villagers are going to be fulfilled with the completion of road at Chichola, Chhuria, Kallubanjari to the borders of Maharashtra, a distance of 25 kilometers. The distance between the State and Maharashtra will be reduced. Developmental works and 'Bhoomipujan' works of four roads worth Rs 305.24 crore were performed by Dr. Raman Singh.

The State Government had been keen on laying network of roads in remote parts of Chhattisgarh so that development is uniform all over the place. Large number of villagers participated in the meeting despite intense heat.

Dr. Raman Singh appreciated the efforts of Department Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat in laying roads all over the State.

Dr. Raman Singh said that Prime Minister 'Ujjwala' project will free women from smoke in the kitchen. He added that the authorities are keen on putting an end to illicit distillation of liquor.

It will be put down with an iron hand. He said workers under the MGNREGS will be allotted steel tiffins in future. He sanctioned the renovation of Chhuria High School building, Naveen Kanchi House at Kallubanjari and commercial complex at Bamhani and  cement road Chaarbanta.

He assured the gathering many more developmental works will be sanctioned in the region soon.

Chief Minister performed 'Bhoomipujan ' of Chichola-Chhuria-Kallubanjari to border of Maharashtra road (25 km), Chowki-Chillhati-Korchatola to Maharashtra border ( 22 km) road , Dongarhgarh-Chichola (16 km) road and Lohara-Rengadabri-Junapaani-Chowki (42 km). The roads will be laid at a cost of Rs 295.24 crore.