Famous Raipur Astrologer Pandit Priyasharan Tripathi has devised Unique Oblation Process Rudrabhishek Shraaddha for ultimate feel of beatitude every year

Pitru Paksha Shraaddha has now meaning with Rudrabhishek worship for our beloved ones who are now heavenly souls with code name Rudrabhishek Shraaddha and the speciality in auspicious exploration has come from Avanti Vihar resident Pandit Priyasharan Tripathi an eminent astrologer and practitioner of religious philosophy providing life changing counselling to needy mass with modern methodologies.

You are well aware of Rudrabhishek and Shraaddha too but the merger of two different worshiping practices has out come of Pt. Priya Sharan Tripathi The Future Astro Club run Future For You Vedic Sansthan as a new Tarpan Puja which directly connects the yearly ritual for heavenly souls who handed over the DNA forming us. Rudrabhishek Shraaddha is oblation and salvation level yearly practice as per Pt. Priya Sharan Tripathi.

The Raipur feels proude with discover of Rudrabhishek Shraaddha Raipurians can reach Pt. Priya Sharan Tripathi for further knowledge and processing in Pitru Paksha Shraaddha.

Global audience need to contact for using Internet, Mobile Phones, Email or Official website of Pt. Priya Sharan Tripathi for further Rudrabhishek Shraaddha information.