How much you want from $11 billion Adsense Payout in light of Paradigm shift in Google Advert Rules

Adsense Page Level Policy Violation Rule has been set to help protect Internet Writers pursueing professional blogging.

Do you know how much Google paid to publisher partners from advertising? What is the amount paid in 2016 to Adsense Ad Publishing websites and platforms?

Google paid "out more than $11 billion to publisher partners from advertising". In other words whooping some of eleven billion dollars goes to lacs of Google Adsense Advertisement Publishers.

Adsense has enterered in new era of rules with an announcement blog posted by Scott Spencer, the director behind adverts sustainability which seriously lures you to the magical world of online living.

Now full fifteen glorious yrears of text and video monetization is more adoptable as full time online career.

Internet Writers are real professionals who earn their living in Adsense world.

Content monetization is serious reality and an affordable adoptable business.