Happy Birth Day Google The Internet God & Thanks for USD 17660 / INR 1.15 Million Rupees Internet Income

Ashok Sharma Internet owes the Internet Existence to Google which modestly claims itself as Internet Company but as per my observance since it's inception the initiator of unlimited revolution.

What is my Internet Existence and what role Google, now under parent Alphabet Inc., played for me?

What is meaning of INR 1.15 Million? Very simple Rupees 11.5 Lakh or Rs 11,50,000 monetization revenue aka Internet Income solely due to Google Existence in world otherwise I had not any means to earn from my texts. Without Google my texts have zero value as if sitting in dark world where no one can see each other.

Can I, officially, allowed to announce my Internet Income, thanks due to Google? The Internet Income Announcement / Disclosure / Publishing is hot topic in monetization world. Many professional blogger proudly not only announce but keep writing related tutorials too.

The Adsense TOS mentions Notwithstanding this Section 9, you may accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments resulting from your use of the Services.

Ashok Sharma Internet also used to be shy on telling online activities but this time I have different attitude for the sake of my Internet Existence Theory and Internet Economy Concepts.

After long years of living in deep silence now I am thanking Google with Birthday Congratulations to inspire the society connected me for enhancing productivity using Google tools for betterment of all.