Jatmai Picnic Spot now Plantation gets Herbal Medicinal Path

Raipur, 11 July 2017 - Medicinal plants conservation area will be developed on nearly 200 hectare (500 acre) area near famous tourist spot 'Jatmai', in Gariband district near capital city Raipur, known for its natural beauty and religious significance. Chhattisgarh State Medicinal Plant Board Chairman Mr. Ram Singh inaugurated the project by planting a sapling of medicinal plant, in a plant organized at Jatmai on the auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima.

Vice-Chairman of the Board Dr JP Mishra presided over the inaugural programme. MP Mr. Chandulal Sahu and Chairman of Chhattisgarh Forest Development Corporation Mr. Shrinivas Maddi attended the programme as special guests of the occasion. On the occasion traditional herbal products centre was also inaugurated in Jatmai. Chhattisgarh State Medicinal Plant Board Chhattisgarh Chairman Mr. Ram Pratap Singh said in his address that medicinal plant conservation area (MPCA) should be developed in every district of Chhattisgarh to promote environment conservation and traditional medicine wisdom. Dr GP Sharma.

Officials informed that for MPCA, those areas are marked where rare species of medicinal plants are found. In such areas, traditional medicinal knowledge is being passed on from generation to generation. He said that the because of the waterfall in Jatmai area, many plants of medicinal species are found here, such as laal sheesham, kullu, bhelwa, dicamali, bel, koriya, amla, marodfalli etc, which can cure many diseases.