Massive Fire in Deepti Sarees Pandri, Three Storied Shop Totally Blazed

Once again major fire case in sensitive area shocks Raipur, Pandri cloth market panic in midnight.

Raipur May 17, 2017 - Fire destroyed crores worth Sarees stock in 3 storied Deepti Sarees located in MahaLakshmi Market, a part of Pandri Cloth Market in night of Tuesday 16-17 May.

Raipur Fire Brigade arrived in time and controlled the Saree Shop fire but the ladies cloth stock of alleged worth Rs 2 Crores was completely lost of flames.

The whole Pandri Cloth Market highly panicked shop owners reached the spot during mid-night fire as the total area is clothing and highly furnished prone to easy fire.

The major relief fact is that there was no casuality or human damage in cloth shop fire.

Manish Jain is owner of Deepti Sarees who was informed by night watch watchmen about fire.