Pyau Water Serving Chief Minister, Human and Every Living Entity Need Water in Summer


Dr. Raman Singh is offering glass full of water under hot sun to villager labourer from earthen pot, scene from a common Pyau. Society need to widen water donation culture of Pyau for humans, animals and birds.

Let's do Pyau Culture!!! Chief Minister quenches thirst of farmers, offers water with his own hands : Dr. Raman Singh calls upon citizens to arrange water to birds-animals

Salaries will be paid to 'shiksha karmis' within one week  

Raipur, 19 May 2017 - Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today landed at village Sankara development block Paatan district Durg as a part of 'Lok Suraj' campaign.  The entire landscape was swept by heat-wave with hot winds blowing across the region. Dr. Raman Singh addressed the gathering at the 'Samadhaan Shivir' in the last phase of his 'Lok Suraj' mission. Chief Minister met several farmers who came to the Primary Co-Operative Society to collect fertilizers and seeds. He offered water to many farmers with his own hands.

Dr. Raman Singh said that quenching the thirst of humans, animals and birds is part of our hoary culture. He called upon the citizens to encourage 'Piau culture' amongst the masses to provide water to all living beings. He said that in these days of severe heat wave conditions birds are also in desperate need of clean drinking water. Keeping this in mind all the residents should preserve water for birds also.

Chief Minister sanctioned mini-stadium at Sankara, boundary wall  at High School, the water exit canal will be filled with dam waters and water will be supplied to the agriculture land at the tail-end of the village. A shopping complex at a cost of Rs 15 lakh will be built at village Amleshwar soon. He instructed the Department officials to settle the pending salaries within seven days to the district 'Shiksha Karmis'. He allotted solar pumps and drip irrigation instruments to supply water to the plants at Sankara.