Raigarh Sandesh Editor Gurudev Kashyap died

Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr Raman Singh has expressed grief on sad demise of veteran journalist and litterateur Mr. Gurudev Kashyap. It is known that Chief Editor of Hindi daily 'Raigarh Sandesh' Mr. Kashyap passed away today morning at a private hospital in his home town District Headquarters Raigarh. He was actively involved in the field of journalism in Chhattisgarh for last 60 years. Dr Raman Singh said in his condolence message that Mr. Kashyap's demise is an end of healthy and unbiased journalism in Chhattisgarh. He has rendered significant service to state, nation and society with his literary works.

Dr Raman Singh said- Late Mr. Kashyap was one of the most respected young journalists of his generation, who laid foundation of daily journalism in Chhattisgarh. He was a sensitive poet, thinker and scholar. Last year, in the State-level felicitation programme 2015 organized on the occasion of Chhattisgarh State Foundation Day, State Government had awarded Mr. Gurudev Kashyap with Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Journalism Award for his significant contribution in the field of journalism. Though he could not attend the programme owing to his illness, his son had received the award on his behalf.

As soon as Chief Minister came to know about Mr. Gurudev Kashyap's demise, he contacted his son Mr. Dev Choubey on telephone and expressed condolence. Dr Singh said - just five days back, Mr. Kashyap's wife had passed away and now gloom has appalled on his family with Mr. Kashyap's demise today. Chief Minister prayed for strength and patience for grief-stricken Kashyap family.

Life Introduction - Raigarh resident veteran journalist and litterateur Mr. Gurudev Kashyap was born on August 15, 1935 in Raigarh. He was MA in human science and diploma in language science. He was active in the field of literature and journalism in Chhattisgarh for more than six decades. From year 1952 to 1974, Raipur was his area of work. In year 1952, he started his career in journalism with the first Hindi daily of Chhattisgarh in Raipur and worked as editor there for many years. In year 1957-58, he work for editorial department of Hindi daily 'Vishwa Bandhu' in Kolkata. After year 1974, Mr. Kashyap rendered editorial services for the first Hindi daily of Bilaspur Division 'Bilaspur Times'. Mr. Kashyap started publication of weekly 'Central Times' and 'Raigarh Sandesh' in his home town Raigarh in year 1981. In year 1986, he started publishing 'Raigarh Sandesh' as daily. Mr. Gurudev Kashyap served as Chairman of Raipur Working Journalist Association, Raipur Press Club and Journalist Housing Cooperative Committee for many years. He was also the founder Chairman of Bilaspur Division Working Journalist Association and Patron of Eastern Journalist Association and Press Club. For a few years, he also served as lecturer in UTD of Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University and in Journalism Department of Night College. Mr. Gurudev Kashyap was a tremendous Hindi poet. Two poetry collections of his namely 'Dhoop ka Ek Din' and 'Abhishapt Utkal' have already been published. Literature Council of the then Madhya Pradesh Government had awarded 'Dhoop Ka Ek Din' poetry collection. Mr. Gurudev Kashyap had translated the famous novel of Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov - 'Lolita' in Hindi.