Say No To Crop Burning, NGT Imposes Ban on Farmers' Practice

National Green Tribunal bans burning of remains of crops in fields : Penalties to be imposed on farmers if rules violated
Raipur, 24 May 2017 - The National Green Tribunal  banned the burning of remains (left-over) of crops in fields. The farmers will be fined and it is punishable under the law. The environment is polluted and the farmers have to compensate for the losses. The National Green Tribunal Principal Bench New Delhi passed orders relating to environment pollution and banned the burning of crops (leftovers) in the fields. The Bhopal Bench instructed the State Government to strictly follow the Tribunal order. All the District Collectors in a circular had been instructed to oversee the implementation of banning of remains of crops in their areas of  their jurisdiction.

The Agriculture scientists and Department officials today said that farmers had the habit of burning of the left-over of crops in the fields itself so that sowing for the next season started soon.  The vitality of soil gets lessened due to the burning of crops. Micro-organisms are destroyed and the dangers of global warming increases. The entire environment is polluted affecting the lives of humans and animals alike. The health of the soil gets affected.

The scientists said that Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash and Sulphur are destroyed. Methane, Carbon Mono-Oxide, Nitrous-oxide and other Oxides are released in the atmosphere. The burning of bio-mass damages the lungs and increases the chances of cancer. Micro-organisms up to 15 centimeters into the soil are destroyed. The scientists revealed that by sprinkling Nitrogen on the remains of grass , crops and levelling that with rotavator will help in decaying the matter. There will be increase in humous in the soil.  The entire process takes about one month.