Shaheed Hemu Kalani Ward Raipur is selected as model ward for GIS survey of houses and other properties of Raipur Municipal Corporation area

Drone Cameras to watch illegal encroachment, Initial GIS Survey Report of 350 houses found satisfactory in Shaheed Hemu Kalani Ward Number 36.

29 July 2017 - Raipur Municipal Corporation Commissioner IAS Rajat Bansal observed GIS Based Property Marking Presentation made by officers of Survey Company. presented their presentation today. RMC Commissioner Bansal instructed some more specific data linking essentials in the survey covering whole of Raipur to ensure error free survey. Additionally proposals for surveillance utilizing drone cameras to prevent illegal construction and encroachment in homes, wards and roads has been ordered. 

Details of assets gathered using GIS survey for 350 houses of Shaheed Hemu Kalani Ward Number 36 were found satisfactory in the presented made in review meeting held at the Corporation Headquarters Building.

In the survey conducted by Mobile App ensures error free house ownership information.

Commonly seen encroachment around footpath pavement pillars are frequently removed and further stoppage to be observed regularly using high tech gadgets so that pavement can be used only for walking.

How can Raipurians interact with final GIS Survey Mapping of their own property in case pf discrepancies? 

After all the surveys in all Raipur wards, the online claim & objections regarding authentication of information is scheduled.

The Survey Company will also ensure that coverage of the survey is 100 percent accurate by GIS Mapping Project.