Short Film Festival Shoot for Legal Awareness 2007 Full Event Details

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In direction and guidance of High Court Justice Pritinker Diwaker and key person Raipur District Judge Neelam Chand Sankhla announced National Level Open Contest and Short Films Festival on Legal Awareness on 29-30 November 2017 in Raipur with theme Shoot for Legal Awareness 2007 in Four Specified Categories.

Raipur 10 October 2017 - Executive Chairman of State Legal Services Authority, Bilaspur and C.G. High Court Judge Justice Pritinker Diwaker is key person in concept and execution for National Short Film Festival and Competition code named Shoot for Legal Awareness - 2017 to include films based on Legal Awareness which is second SFF, last year SHOOT FOR LEGAL AWARENESS 2016 was India's First Short Film Competition and Festival, held on 15,16 and 17 July 2016 which was FREE and OPEN TO ALL contest event. Last year, more than 80 short films from across the country were received in the first Legal SFF contest event of this function.

Legal SFF Event Venue is Raipur and ates are 29th and 30th November 2017.

The announcement for organizing of the second short film festival 2017 was made today in press conference held at Raipur Press Club by District Legal Services Authority President and Raipur District Judge Neelam Chand Sankhla and Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority, Bilaspur Member Secretary Vivek Tiwari, State Legal Services Authority Deputy Secretary Abhishek Sharma and DLSA Secretary Umesh Upadhyay with Technical Support Provider G.P.R. Strategies and Solutions represented by Rex Mehta.

Raipur District Judge Neelam Chand Sankhala said that there is a rule of law in our country. No person is small or big before the law. The Constitution is paramount. In our country all the people, say 100% literate, are not literate and those who are literate such as doctors, professors, engineers etc can not be said that they are completely legally literate. Thus the percentage of legal literacy is very low. In such a situation, in the fulfillment of the objectives of the National Legal Services Authority, the Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority, District Legal Services Authority, Raipur under the guidance of Hon'ble Justice, Mr. Preetiqar Divakar Saheb, Acting President of the State Legal Services Authority, in order to spread legal awareness among the people, 'Short Film Festival', 'Shoot for Legal Awareness 2017' being organized The main purpose of which is to bring legal awareness among the people through short films. It is a matter of happiness that a similar film festival was organized in the previous year, which was appreciated throughout the country and increased awareness amongst the people. As in the past year, this year, the 'Short Film Festival' (Shoot for Legal Awareness) is being organized in Raipur on 29th and 30th November 2017, in which small films from all over the country will be floated, in which you It is expected that you should spread more and more of it, so that competitive films can come from every region.

Giving information regarding this program, Member Secretary of the State Legal Services Authority Mr. Vivek Tiwari said that last year's film festival had received full support from various sections of the society. Through the films received in the function, propaganda of legal awareness was spread in different parts of the country including Chhattisgarh State. Through the 12-minute short film, the serious and complex provisions of the law were delivered to the general public students and various sections of society through entertainment and simplified methods. Keeping in view the success of the film festival organized last year, the Executive Director of State Legal Services Authority, Bilaspur, Chairman and Chhattisgarh. The re-shirt film festival is being organized on the guidance and direction of Hon'ble Justice Mr. Preetiqar Diwakar, High Court Judge. Films will be invited from film producers on four legal topics in this event.

Shoot for Legal Awareness -2017: The full information topics are as follows: - Aboriginal rights, missing children (child trafficking and other serious cases), women's protection (workplace and domestic violence), PCPNDT act i.e. Pregnancy and pre-natal diagnosis techniques (gender) Selection prohibition) Act The film received on any other subject other than these four subjects will not be included in the competition.

Member Secretary Mr. Vivek Tiwari said that this competition is open to all and is completely free. Any person or group in this competition can join the competition by making a short film and by registering it properly. The maximum length of the film will be 12 minutes to participate in the competition. The best three films will be given as one lakh rupees in addition to this, apart from this, the award will be given in different categories on the basis of the jury's decision.

Regarding this event, the Deputy Secretary of the State Legal Services Authority, Mr Abhishek Sharma said that the visual media can spread awareness more effectively to the general public. Keeping this in mind, this event is being organized. This event will encourage mass awareness of the masses on a large scale. In the program, film producer media law scholars, advocates, school students and college student students, various government and non-governmental organizations will also have a partnership. The program will include various dignitaries who perform legal and social work.

Giving information regarding the event, the Deputy Advisor of the State Legal Services Authority, Mr. Abhishek Sharma said that the last date for submitting the entries of films to the short film festival has been fixed on November 20, 2017. After that

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