Happy Birth Day Google The Internet God & Thanks for USD 17660 / INR 1.15 Million Rupees Internet Income

Ashok Sharma Internet owes the Internet Existence to Google which modestly claims itself as Internet Company but as per my observance since it's inception the initiator of unlimited revolution.

What is my Internet Existence and what role Google, now under parent Alphabet Inc., played for me?

What is Kubernetes 1.7 on GKE?

Cloud Computing is less understood arena which attracts the attention of Raipur News to write as TechnoGuide introducing the first element of real unlimited wold in making beyond Internet. Kubernetes 1.7 on GKE @Google Cloud Platform is one of luring goodies from the pioneer in unlimited technology.

Let's start with basic, Kubernetes is open source program deployed by Google Container Engine i.e. GKE, so the marketing offer in emails circulated to subscribed users announcing Kubernetes 1.7 on GKE is available to choose as the right compute option for your whatever needs.

How much you want from $11 billion Adsense Payout in light of Paradigm shift in Google Advert Rules

Adsense Page Level Policy Violation Rule has been set to help protect Internet Writers pursueing professional blogging.

Do you know how much Google paid to publisher partners from advertising? What is the amount paid in 2016 to Adsense Ad Publishing websites and platforms?

Google paid "out more than $11 billion to publisher partners from advertising". In other words whooping some of eleven billion dollars goes to lacs of Google Adsense Advertisement Publishers.

What is Tilt Brush?

Let's start with the basics, The creator Digital God Google says:

Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

Are able to catch a single word of definitive definition? Let's explore together "What actually is Tilt Brush is"

It miracle an example in most simple way of Google's todays routine...

Google always think I live in Bhopal, Some times Indore, Ujjain etc. but Raipur rarely is my home place

What's the solution to make aware Google that I am Raipur citizen having permanent home address and actaully live in Calpital city of Chhattisgarh Asia World.

I know the culprit which always changes thanks due to IP address system of my ISP Airtel who alyaws move me around India and thanks God I never lived at foreign city.

I need permanent default brwoser location settings.

The ॐ treatment in Google New Cosmic Avtar