Famous Raipur Astrologer Pandit Priyasharan Tripathi has devised Unique Oblation Process Rudrabhishek Shraaddha for ultimate feel of beatitude every year

Pitru Paksha Shraaddha has now meaning with Rudrabhishek worship for our beloved ones who are now heavenly souls with code name Rudrabhishek Shraaddha and the speciality in auspicious exploration has come from Avanti Vihar resident Pandit Priyasharan Tripathi an eminent astrologer and practitioner of religious philosophy providing life changing counselling to needy mass with modern methodologies.

Village Karanji Besharba Church attacked by Unidentified Persons

Bastar church pastor along with expecting wife attacked by two uknown persons.

Pastor family somehow escaped attack.


The Bahubali play on the eve of Lord Mahavir arrival day

Raipur is celebrating the great arrival of Lord Mahavir by hosting special events. The drama playing of Bahubali was very impressive event on the eve of birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir.

The Bahubali play acted by class artists was well appreciated by audience. The character of Lord Mahavir is challenge for theatre artists. The Bahubali play is writen by Vishnu Prabhakar which was presented by known theatrical group of Raipur known as Agragami Natya Samiti and directed by Jalil Rizvi.

Today is Mahavir Anniversary

The nation is celebrating Lord Mahavir anniversary. The Jain religion has long lasting tradition of worship and events to offer tribute Lord Mahavir.

What is Simhasth?

Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Leo makes Simhastha 2016 in Ujjain on banks of Shipra river.

Raipur The Capital of Hanuman Mega Recitation By Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

Raipur is center of Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta's Mega Hanuman Recitation Campaign.

The sports complex is venue of Hanuman Mega Recitation for past years.

Raipur capital is preferred destination of Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta.