Sadhvi Dr. Amrita Kiran Kannoje Jyoti Prem rare woman practitioner of Yoga, Ayurveda and Religious Philosophy with touch of computer science

You will not find such a rare in rarest combination of professional persona. Sadhvi Dr. Amrita Kiran Kannoje Jyoti Prem started early in her teens and famed globally in very short span of time.

Sadhvi Dr. Amrita Kiran Kannoje Jyoti Prem practices from Lili Chowk Purani Basti Raipur.

Yoga World Record Certificate Handed Over to Chief Minister

Golden Book of World Record awards Excellence Certificate to Chief Minister : Chhattisgarh sets a new world record

More than 50 lakh people performs yoga in group on Yoga Day, Chief Minister congratulates people of state for making yoga day events successful

World Record 5 Million Yogi and Yogini Practiced Yoga Led By Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh

On the occasion of third international yoga day, Chhattisgarh state has set a unique world record today, under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh. Nearly 50 lakh people of state practiced yoga with Chief Minister at the same time in different places. In nearly 11 thousand different places of the state, school students, old people, youth, women and people from all sections of society enthusiastically came together to practice yoga.

Indoor Stadium Yoga Divas with Dr. Raman Singh, Amazing Kids and Youth Presence

Healthy and Cool Chief Minister is real time brand ambassador of Yoga, The livelyness and hardwork touching all minds

Dr. Raman Singh performed Yoga with 50 Lacs People

Raipur 21 June 2017 - Chhattisgarh Yoga Day 2017 celebration venue was Indoor Stadium Budhapara filled with youth force lead by CM Dr. Raman Singh in morning hours.

International Yoga Day Greetings from Dr. Raman Singh and Candid Water Yoga in Vivekanand Lakefront

Chief Minister extends greetings to people on International Yoga Day : Appeals people to take part in group yoga programmes

Raipur, 20 June 2017 - Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr Raman Singh has extended hearty wishes to people of the state on the third International Yoda Day to be organized on June 21.

Chief Ministerial Greetings read - This year we are aiming to associate minimum 50,000 people with the group yoga practice in all the districts of Chhattisgarh.

Do Yoga Be Happy Dr. Raman Singh Invites

Care to join for Health and Happiness Dr. Raman Singh who will perform Yoga at Sardar Balbir Singh Juneja Indoor Stadium on International Yoga Day 2017