Touchy Tribute to Environmentalist Late Minister Anil Madhav Dave Van

Sankra Forest Zone is named after Late Minister Anil Madhav Dave, Picture showing Dr. Raman Singh inspecting the greenery which compelled him to select it as best possible tribute to the die hard environmentalist.

Chief Minister's announcement : Forest domain to be named after Late Mr. Anil Madhav Dave : Dr Raman Singh attends redressal camp

Raipur, 19 May 2017 - Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh today attended redressal camp held at village Sankra of Paatan block in Durg district under state-wide Lok Suraaj campaign. There, he visited the afforestation area of 41 hectare developed in village Sankra and announced that this area will be named after Ex-Union Minister of State for Forest and Environment late Mr. Anil Madhav Dave. It is noteworthy that in this afforestation area of Forest Department, trees of amla, neem, karanj, kadam and other species will be planted.

It is known that Mr. Anil Madhav Dave passed away yesterday in New Delhi. During his Lok Suraaj tour today, Chief Minister Dr Singh visited this afforestation area of Forest Department in Sankra and remembered late Mr. Dave's contribution in the field of forest and environment conservation in the country. He said- it was late Mr. Dave's last wish that at least one sapling should be planted somewhere, in his memory. Chief Minister said that late Mr. Dave had written in his last line that do not build any memorial for me, just plant a tree or a sapling.

Dr Raman Singh said- this area will be developed in the best possible manner. Solar pumps will also be installed for conservation of the saplings and trees planted in this area.